Published on 13/03/2023

How to protect your business’ online reputation with certified reviews

Avoid a crisis and protect one of the most valuable assets of a company: online reputation.

Online reputation today is equally or even more relevant than the offline reputation of a business. It takes years to build it and minutes to destroy it. Online reputation crises refer to the negative impact on the image of a brand as a result of incorrect actions or decisions. There are multiple causes that can ruin the online reputation of your business:

  • Negative reviews
  • Poor management of social networks
  • Leakage of confidential information
  • Company errors
  • Boycott by users, customers, consumers
  • Boycott by competitors
  • Cyberattacks

What are the consequences of an online reputation crisis?

KPMG highlights in a report that the average cost of an online reputation crisis for a major brand is $5 million.
Obviously, at a monetary level, for an SME it is not extrapolable, but it does have a great impact due to the damage caused by the loss of online reputation:

  • Loss of customers
  • Diminished confidence in the business and/or its products and services
  • As a result, loss of value of such products and services
  • Loss of credibility
  • Diminution of the value and image of the brand or business
  • And, consequently, a loss of sales and revenues

But in addition, the loss of online reputation can affect the operation of the business and deteriorate it, since:

  • Employees may become ashamed of working there, reducing their productivity or they may even consider leaving the job
  • Suppliers may stop relying on the business, reducing service or credit
  • The company may find it difficult to recruit new employees

Why do online reputation crises occur?

An online presence is essential to connect with customers and consumers, but it also exposes the company to comments, bad reviews and criticisms that can lead to an online reputation crisis.

The main causes for an online reputation crisis to occur are:

Poor information management

We must know how to answer questions and problems that may arise with the products and services we offer, and do it quickly, providing solutions and with good manners. We should not eliminate negative comments or ignore criticism. Nor should we buy false positive reviews to counterbalance the negative ones. Apart from being an illegal practice, it can be suspicious and counterproductive.

Inadequate quality

Our products and services must meet the expectations we create about them, otherwise reviews and opinions on platforms and blogs can ruin our online reputation in a matter of hours.

Customer Service Failures

The best possible service should always be provided. No excuses, holidays or delays. Customers expect excellence in their queries, shipments and complaints and we must pay the utmost attention to them. Although it may seem like an extra cost, failure to do so can result in serious losses and cause the customer not only not to return, but to recommend others not to come to your store.

Lack of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility, especially in larger companies, or rather the lack of it, can cause serious damage to online reputation. Being ethical, socially and environmentally responsible is nowadays a matter of course and should not go amiss.


If they manipulate your site or access your customer data, it can be devastating to your online reputation and can also have legal repercussions. In fact, 70% of cyber-attacks in Spain target SMEs. Here you can consult prevention measures for cyber-attacks and protect your online reputation.

How to prevent online reputation crises?

Online monitoring

We must monitor what is being said about us and our competitors on search engines, review platforms, social networks, blogs and press articles. Occasionally, a competitor’s blunder in the industry can splash us or be of benefit to us.

Establish a communication protocol

By setting guidelines that reflect honesty and transparency, knowing how to respond to a crisis situation, and responding quickly to any warning signs, we will be able to effectively protect our online reputation.

Tracking and management of reviews

We must see what consumers think of our business and its products and/or services, be grateful for the positive comments and try to respond to the negative ones by offering solutions in a quick and agile manner.

Let’s remember that 55% of consumers, according to data from the European Union, read reviews before buying a product or contracting a service. This, in addition to protecting our online reputation, will help us to improve and highlight those aspects of our business that we like the least or most.

In summary, the importance of customer opinions in their reviews and the impact they have, both positive and negative, on the online reputation of our business is evident.

NoFakes, the only global validator of reviews

NoFakes is a comprehensive system for collecting, certifying and managing reviews for businesses (mainly SMEs) that incorporates a user loyalty program for the viralization of the best reviews. It protects companies’ online reputation, enables them to comply with the European Omnibus Directive, attract customers and grow sales.

NoFakes is a platform to help companies sell how?

– Strengthening customer acquisition through the use of digital advertising,
– Generating high quality user content that increases conversion to sales

In addition, it offers a series of functionalities and advantages that no other platform on the market has:

  1. Unique Triple Validation System, with a proprietary algorithm and EY certification, which allows compliance with the current regulations of the new European Directive
  2. System of rewards to users for giving their opinion. The higher the quality of the review, the more the user is rewarded, with the objective of having very complete reviews
  3. Allows and encourages video reviews, content that the business can then use to promote itself
  4. FakeMeter, a unique tool that allows you to analyze reviews on any review platform, and determine the percentage of fake reviews, quality of users and more items to help you improve or discard those reviews

By entering your business in NoFakes, you get an exclusive seal that allows you to:

  1. Improve your online reputation
  2. Comply with the new European law against fake reviews and avoid penalties
  3. To hinder unfair competitors, who only seek to damage your reputation and sales

These are the differential values that NoFakes brings to you

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