Published on 16/11/2022

Interview with Irons Café Racer

An example of the power and complexity of reviews for a successful SME

Irons Café Racer is Miguel’s SME, physically located in Madrid, but with a flourishing e-commerce, which brings the world of motorcycles in a fresh and different way. With professionalism and good service they provide bikers with the products they demand every day, with an original and close touch.

Their potential customers, men between 30 and 50 years old, are urbanites, with a medium-high status, passionate about this world and loyal to their high-end products and their business.

Reviews are crucial for them, and they need to have them on a platform, beyond Google, and validate them to avoid false opinions or malicious reviews, but due to lack of time or staff they are not able to manage them 100% as they would like. This limits them when it comes to customer loyalty and improving their reputation even more.

will help them, from now on, to certify their reviews so that only 100% real reviews appear, have a fair return and respond to their effort and dedication, in addition to helping them comply with the New Law against fake reviews and avoid penalties.

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