Published on 18/08/2022

NoFakes and Casa Suecia: how to attract more customers to your business

Harness the power of events and customer feedback

At NoFakes we help businesses to keep growing, that’s why we have created La Ruta NoFakes, an ambassador program that organizes unique events to connect businesses and influencers so that both can live unique and profitable experiences.

Businesses, through the influencers that NoFakes summons to the events held in their own premises, get more visibility, interact directly with their audience and appear in the publicity they create on social networks…

Influencers discover new places, products and services, share different and real content with their audience, and also enjoy the experience.

If you have a business do not hesitate, contact us here and maximize your opportunities.

If you are an Influencer, we invite you to be part of our ambassador plan, so you can attend our next event and start enjoying exclusive benefits. All you have to do is sign up for the NoFakes Route here.